4 Best Anti Smoking Teas in India as in 2021

Teacurry clearly understands how smoking for an individual can become a complicated compulsive desire, which might finally lead to numerous health hazards including -  cancer, heart diseases, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Smoking also increases the risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis. To address this complex problem of smoking, Teacurry researchers bring you this article on best Anti Smoking teas in India as in 2021. All these teas are meant to help smokers reduce their desire to smoke and support their willpower to create new and healthier habits and quit smoking in the process.

Find below an extensive list of best Anti Smoking Teas in India as in 2021. This list has been created based on customer reviews, customer testimonials, flavors, taste and price.  

1. Teacurry Anti Smoking Tea

    This Teacurry Lung Cleanse Tea is specifically created to help make that switch from having a cigarette to a new healthy habit. Teacurry Anti Smoking Tea is specifically aimed at helping individuals cleanse their respiratory system from tar, smoke and pollutants collected overtime and to address the concern of smoking. Teacurry has developed this natural and nutritional tea, specifically to help smokers reduce their desire to smoke and support their willpower to create new and healthier habits and quit smoking in the process. Teacurry 30 Day Lungs Cleanse tea is based on the substitution strategy for quitting smoking - the idea that the habit of smoking cigarettes can last a lifetime and is difficult to break, but it can be replaced. Also, the tea helps in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The herbs present in Lung Cleanse Tea help you feel relaxed and get through stressful moments especially when you are trying to quit smoking for the first time. The tea also assists in increasing energy and reducing hunger. Many of the herbs and spices help to increase your metabolism and reduce feelings of hunger to prevent post quitting weight gain. Herbs such as liquorice root in Lung Cleanse Tea helps your lungs naturally cleanse and detox themselves and to heal after you stop smoking. A cup of this herbal tea can replace smoking in your daily routine. (Source: Teacurry Lung Cleanse Tea, Teacurry, Retrieved on 1st March 2021)

    • Manufacturer: Teacurry
    • Starting Price: Rs. 349 for 15 Tea Bags
    • Taste: Teacurry Anti Smoking tea tastes sweet with distinct presence of Ginger, Cloves and Cardamom along with Mulethi.(Based on Amazon)
    • Ingredients: Teacurry Lungs Cleanse tea consists of Black Licorice (mulethi) from Punjab, Mighty Ginger variety from Orissa, Krishna Tulsi from Sasangir, Penang Cloves from Tamil Nadu, Peppermint from Haryana, Green Cardamom from Kerala, Fennel from Gujarat, Foenum Graecum Fenugreek from Rajasthan and Thymus serpyllum Linn from Nilgiris. All these provide the perfect blend for lung purification tea and it contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors and is 100% Vegetarian. (Based on Teacurry, Retrieved on 1 March 2021)
    • Aroma: The tea has a distinct sweet aroma because of presence of licorice and ginger. The aroma can be compared to freshly plant roots left in the sun.
    • Rating: 5.0/5.0 (based on 50 verified customer reviews as on 1st March 2021)
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Benefits:
      • Helps to stop smoking in your daily routine.
      • Helps in reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
      • Assists in increasing energy.
      • Reduces hunger.
      • Helps to increase metabolism.
      • Helps your lungs to naturally cleanse and detox.
    • Link to Shop:  Shop on Amazon
    Lung Cleanse Tea

    Benefit of Lung Cleanse teaTeacurry.com, licensed under CC BY 2.0

    2. Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Herbal Tea

      Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Herbal Tea helps to quit smoking. At Amedyya they strive to bring the best quality natural products to you. Their products are made of the highest quality natural herbs and ingredients. Amedya products have no added chemicals whatsoever in the name of stabilizer, taste makers, preservatives or colors. It's natural herbs are recognize worldwide in helping people quit smoking. (Source : Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Harbal Tea, Amazon Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

      • Manufacturer: Amedyya
      • Starting Price: Rs. 299 for 100 gram pack (Based on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
      • Taste and Aroma: Comes in two flavors - Kashmiri Kahwa and Lavender Chamomile. 
      • Ingredients: Manjistha, Milk Thistle Seeds, Ceylon Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Liquorice Seeds and Haritaki power
      • Rating on Amazon: 4.1 / 5.0 (based on 22 verified customer reviews as on 05 March 2021)
      • 100% Natural: Yes
      • Caffeine Free: Yes
      • Benefits:
        • Helps Quit Smoking.
        • Helps Lung detox.
      • Link to Shop:  Shop on Amazon
        Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Herbal Tea

        Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Herbal Tea, Amazon licensed under CC BY 2.0

        3. Herbal Brews - Ayurvedic Lungs Detox Tea for Smokers 

          Herbal Brews Lung Detox & Cleanser is a boon for people living in congested environment of cities with high pollution levels, and for those who smoke very frequently. It removes the tar and mucus from lungs and liver and is 100% safe. (Source : Ayurvedic Lungs Detox Tea for Smokers, Amazon, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

          • Manufacturer: Herbal Brews
          • Starting Price: Rs. 298 for 200 ml ( as on Amazon on 01 March 2021)
          • Taste and Aroma: Comes in only Spearmint flavor - which is sweet and mellow in taste. 
          • Ingredients: Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Trifla (Combination of 3 Herbs), Haldi (Curcuma Longa), Lasun (Allium Sativum), Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia), Shikakai (Acacia Concinna), Trikatu (Piper Longum, Zingiber Officinale, Piper Nigrum) & Madhu. (Based on amazon, retrieved on 01 March 2021)
          • Rating: 3.9/ 5.0 (Based on 47 verified customer reviews as on 01 March 2021)
          • 100% Natural : yes
          • Caffeine Free : Yes
          • Dietary Plan: Not included
          • Benefits:
            • Removes Tar from Lungs
            • Clears the Liver from smoke and air pollutants
          • Link to Shop:  Shop on Amazon
          Ayurvedic Lungs Detox for Smokers

          Amedyya Anti Smoking Natural Herbal TeaAmazon licensed under CC BY 2.0

          4. LuvLung Organic Green Tea

            LunLung Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants, which help cleanse our body off free radicals and pollutants. The healthiest drink of all, green tea is a powerhouse with amazing health benefits. LuvLung Organic Green Tea incorporates the best of natural ingredients loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to aid in a wholesome body function. Their aim is to deliver the best of natural alternatives for a Healthy lifestyle, with continuous efforts and innovation to create unique, effective Natural products for everyone - including this anti smoking tea. (Source: Lung Health Support Luvlang tea, Luv Lang Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

            • Manufacturer: Luv Lungs 
            • Starting Price: Rs. 369 for 20 Count(based on Amazon price as on 01 March 2021)
            • Taste and Aroma: Sweet minty taste of pure spearmint leaves. 
            • Ingredients: Green Tea and others herbs.
            • Rating on Amazon:  4.4 / 5.0 (based on 374 verified customer reviews as on 01 March 2021)
            • 100% Natural : Yes
            • Caffeine Free : Yes
            • Dietary Plan: Not included
            • Benefits:
              • Improves liver function.
              • Removes toxins and free radicals.
              • Repairs liver cells and improves lipid profile.
              • Boosts bile production.
              • Reduces inflammation.
            • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon
            Lung Health Support Tea

            Lung Health Support Tea, Amazon, licensed under CC BY 2.0

              So, here was a complete list of best Anti Smoking Teas in the market as in 2021. Teacurry.com hopes that you thoroughly enjoyed the above research and found it very helpful to decide your own wellness tea. Please let us know in the comment section below which of the teas really worked for you and what all did you like about the brand. In case of questions or suggestions please reach us on tea@teacurry.com and we would be more than happy to assist. 

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