7 Best Slimming Teas in India as in 2021

Weight loss teas or Slimming Teas usually works on the principle of stimulating the digestive system to rid the body of fat deposits and in turn help with weight reduction. Proper digestion and efficient metabolism leads to decrease in fat deposits from around the body. All slimming teas should at least provide 4 very specific benefits - tummy reduction, enhanced metabolic rate, liver detoxification and fat deposit loss. (Reference: 13 Herbs That Can Help You Lose WeightHealthline, Retrieved on 19 January 2021).

Find below an extensive list of best Slimming teas or Weight Loss teas in India as in 2021. This list has been created based on customer reviews, customer testimonials, effectiveness, flavors, taste and price. (Reference: 7 herbs that can give your weight loss plan a boostTimes of India, Retrieved on 01 March 2021) 

1. Teacurry Slimming Tea for Weight Loss and Tummy Reduction

    Teacurry Slimming Tea or weight loss tea is the perfect blend of herbs and Green Tea for weight loss purposes and for cleansing the body of toxins. It is a delicious blend of traditional herbs mixed with green tea and is a way to lose excess weight in a small span of time. Being all-natural tea it provides 4 very specific benefits - tummy reduction, enhanced metabolic rate, liver detoxification and prevention of ageing signs. (Source : Best Slimming Tea to Loss Weight or Reduce Tommy, Teacurry, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

    • Manufacturer: Teacurry
    • Starting Price: Rs. 279 for 15 Teabags Teacurry
    • Taste: Teacurry Slimming Tea is a 100% Natural tea with a soft sweet refreshing taste and with earthy flavors of green tea.(Based on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
    • Ingredients: Teacurry weight loss tea consists of a powerful blend of Green tea leaves from Assam, Hibiscus Sabdariffa variety from farmlands in Mysore, mighty ginger from Orissa, Cassia Cinnamon from Meghalaya, Krishna Tulsi from Sasangir, Foenum Graecum Fenugreek from Rajasthan, Florence fennel from Gujrat and Mentha Spicata Spearmint from West Bengal. Handpicked from tea fields in Assam, Green tea leaves being a major component of the blend - it assists with fat burn and improves metabolism.
    • Aroma:The tea has a minty sweet aroma because of spearmint and green tea leaves. The aroma can be compared to freshly steamed rice
    • Rating : 5.0 /5.0 (Based on 93 verified customer reviews as on 01 March 2021)
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Yes a free diet plan is included.
    • Benefits:
      • Helps with fat burn.
      • Assists with tummy reduction.
      • Reduces the craving for sugar.
      • Helps improve digestion.
      • Helps to enhance metabolic rate.
      • Stops constipation and gastric issues.
      • Helps the skin to radiate more than normal.
      • Helps with liver detoxification.
      • Stops you from eating excess.
    • Link to Shop:  Shop on FlipKart
    Best Slimming Tea of Teacurry

    Benefits of Slimming Tea with Diet ChartTeacurry.com, licensed under CC BY 2.0

    2. Jiva Ayurvedic Slimming Tea

      Jiva Slim tea is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that are specially formulated to cleanse toxins from the body. It also helps melt cellulite deposits. Jiva Slim Tea is natural and time-tested detoxification and rejuvenation tea that boosts your metabolism to lose weight while boosting general health. (Source : Ayurvedic slimming Tea Loss by boosting digestion and metabolism, Jiva Store Retrieved on  01 March 2021)

      • Manufacturer: Jiva Ayurveda
      • Starting Price: Rs. 285 for 150 grams (Based on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
      • Taste and Aroma: Honey (Based on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
      • Ingredients: Terminalia chebula, holoptelea integrifolia, iris ensata, enicostemma litterale, trichosanthes dioeca, emblica officinalis, shorea robusta, betula utilis, casia absus, momordia charantia.
      • Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (based on 28 verified customer reviews as on 01 March 2021)
      • Benefits:
        • Improves digestion and metabolism.
        • Promotes body detoxification.
        • Opens up blocked channels.
        • Reduces weight.
      • Link to Shop:  Shop on Nykaa Ayurvedic slimming tea

      Jiva Ayurvedic siliming Tea  Storejiva, licensed under CC BY 2.0

      3. Mainak Slimming Tea

        Mainak Slimming tea is a unique combination of the original Green Tea and herbs that are specially suited for dealing with weight loss and sugar management. Besides the benefits of green tea Mainak Slim tea also cuts hunger pangs, reduces body fat and aids in digestion. Each tea bag is packed in individual hot sealed envelopes to retain freshness and aroma. ( Source : Mainak Slim Tea for Weight lossMainak retrieved on 01 March 2021)

        • Manufacturer: Mainak
        • Starting Price: Rs. 366 for 50 Teabags (based on Flipkart as on 01 March)
        • Taste and Aroma: It has a sweet earthy taste of green tea alond with mellow flavors of Garcinia and Tulsi. (Based on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
        • Ingredients: A unique combination of the original Green Tea and herbs such as Garcinia and Salatia, Neem, Tulsi, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper. 
        • Rating: 3.7/5.0 (Based on 32 customer Views on Flipkart as on 01 March 2021)
        • Caffeine FreeLow Caffeine
        • Dietary Plan: Not included
        • Benefits:
          • Cuts hunger pangs.
          • Reduces body fat.
          • Aids in digestion.
        • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon
        mainak Si liming tea

        Mainak Silimming Tea, Mainak,  licensed under CC BY 2.0

                 4. Sancha Detox Slimming Pure green Tea

                  Detox Slimming pure Green Tea from Sencha helps with weight loss, building immunity, burning fat and cleanses your insides. This green tea has an aroma of early morning mist. It reminisces the fresh aroma of mowed grass after it has rained. Enjoy this premium green tea pack which also helps you come in shape. (Source:  Healthy fresh Green Tea, Sancha, Retrieved on 25 Feb 2021)

                  • Manufacturer:  Sancha
                  • Starting Price: Rs. 299 for 100 grams
                  • Taste and Aroma: Sancha Green tea has an aroma of early morning mist or that of mowed grass after it has rained.
                  • Ingredients: Sancha Detox slimming tea only contains premium green tea.
                  • Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (based on 6 verified customer reviews as on 1 March 2021)
                  • Caffeine Free: No, Green tea has caffeine.
                  • Dietary Plan: Not included in the box
                  • Benefits:
                    • Helps build Immunity.
                    • Helps burn fat.
                    • Cleanses your digestion.
                  • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon
                  Slimming Tea

                  5. Khadi Healthcare Himalayan Brew Slimming Tea

                    This slimming tea from Khadi Healthcare is a unique composition of herbs having very effective therapeutic values - which are known to reduce fat in obese individuals. Himalayan brew slimming tea boosts your metabolism, promotes fat loss and removes toxins from the body. This tea certainly can help you if you are on a diet plan already.(Source : Himalayan Brew Slimming Tea, Khadi Health Care, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

                    • Manufacturer: Khadi Healthcare
                    • Starting Price: Rs. 275 for 100 grams (Based on Indiamart as on 01 March 2021)
                    • Taste and Aroma: Comes in two flavors - (a) Kashmiri Kahwa and (b) Lavender Chamomile
                    • Ingredients: Purified Guggal, Nagarmotha, Saunth, Harar, Bhera, Amla, Vidanga, Nishodh, Green Tea, Lemon Grass, Methi, Senna Leaves (as on Khadi Healthcare, Retrieved on 1 March 2021)
                    • Rating on Amazon: 3.0/ 5.0 (Based on Indiamart as on 01 March 2021)
                    • Caffeine FreeLow Caffeine
                    • Dietary Plan: Not included
                    • Benefits:
                      • Reduce fat in obese persons.
                      • Boost your metabolism,
                      • Promotes fat loss.
                      • Remove toxins from the body.
                    • Link to Shop:  Shop on Indiamart

                    6. Jarved Slimming Tea

                      Breathe in the enchanting aroma of Jarved's Slimming Tea mix and get fit and healthy. With this get a delicious sip of whole leaf green tea and lemongrass tea. Thoughtfully blended with flavorful high-quality chinese mao-feng green tea and lemongrass tea, enjoy this indulgent and satisfying slimming tea to lose weight.(Source : Jarved Slimming tea Get Fit HealthJarved World  Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

                      • Manufacturer: Jarved World
                      • Starting Price: Rs. 299 for 50 grams
                      • Taste and Aroma: In appearance the Jarved slimming tea consists of green tea leaves and lemongrass leaves. Aroma is that of fresh tender grass and taste is that of strong green tea. (Based on Jarved world, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)
                      • Ingredients: Green tea leaves and lemongrass leaves (Based on Amazon, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)
                      • Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (Based on 620 customer review on amazon  as on 01 March 2021)
                      • 100% Natural: Yes
                      • Caffeine Free: Low Caffeine
                      • Dietary Plan: Not included
                      • Benefits:
                        • Enjoy this delicious tea and loose weight.
                        • Helps with digestive heatlh.
                      • Link to Shop: Shop on India Mart

                      Jarved slimming tea

                      Benefit of Slimming tea, Jarved World Licensed under CC BY 2.0

                      7. Udyan Herbal Weight Lose Slimming Tea

                        Udayan Slimming tea is a well-balanced green tea blend created by Udayan tea masters. The tea also contains Garcinia Cambogia as a major ingredient. The sour flavor of garcinia cambogia is known to activate digestion and thus aids in increasing metabolism and weight loss. Udyan tea masters have gone a step beyond and added other herbs and spices which are rich in antioxidants and digestive aids. The tea creates a holistic healthy cup of tea while delivering great flavor and health.(Source : Udyan Natural and Herbals Weight Lose slimming tea, Udyan Tea, Retrieved on 01 March 2021)

                        • Manufacturer: Udyan Tea
                        • Starting Price: Rs. 323 for 50 grams (based on Amazon as retrieved on 01 March 2021)
                        • Taste and Aroma: Udayan Slimming tea has a tangy soothing flavor of well-balanced natural ingredients along side with spicy notes and sourness of Garcinia Cambodia.
                        • Ingredients: Udyan Slimming tea consists of a mix of brown herbs and green leaves.
                        • Rating on Amazon: 4.0 / 5.0 (based on 80 verified customer reviews on Amazon as on 01 March 2021)
                        • 100% Natural : Yes
                        • Caffeine Free : Medium Caffeine content
                        • Dietary Plan: Not included
                        • Benefits:
                          • Helps to  active digestion.
                          • Aids in increasing metabolism.
                          • Helps to lose weight.
                        • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon

                        Udyantea Slimming TeaUdyan TeaLicensed under CC BY 2.0

                        So, here was a complete list of best Slimming Teas in the market as in 2021. Teacurry.com hopes that you thoroughly enjoyed the above research and found it very helpful to decide your own wellness tea. Please let us know in the comment section below which of the teas really worked for you and what all did you like about the brand. In case of questions or suggestions please reach us on tea@teacurry.com and we would be more than happy to assist.

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