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Choose from artisanal teas, premium-quality edibles & snacks,
 handcrafted tableware and attractive, eco-friendly packaging

The Herbal Collection

The Herbal Collection

We have a gift for every corporate event - whether its a start-ups first anniversary or a multi-nationals annual party. Specially designed gifts for all your events - a great healthy option which is not only hundred percent natural but also comes in environmental friendly packaging.

The Employee Collection

We have a gift for every employee - appreciate them, welcome them and celebrate them. We have a curated collection for them specially designed - refreshing and with no added sugar - keeping their wellbeing our top priority.

The Herbal Collection
The Herbal Collection

The Festival Collection

Make your festivities and celebrations stand out with our holiday themed tea gifts. Environment friendly and hundred percent natural, our tea collections are a great way to gift a healthy habit. We have gifts for all occasions including Diwali tea gifts, Christmas tea boxes, New Year gift hampers, Holi tea potlis and all other Indian festivities.

The Wedding Collection

Every wedding is unique and special. Create new blends and personalize gifts to add that extra touch of health to all your invitees. We offer our exclusive gift flower teas in all kinds of premium packaging including beautifully designed golden trays, boxes and potlis with satin linings to give the perfectly classy look.

The Herbal Collection

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Want to really stand out? Teacurry makes it easy with a variety of ways to personalize your business gifts.

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Teacurry is Food Safety Approved
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No Side Effects when everything is Natural

Teacurry is 100 percent Natural
Teacurry has no added sugar
Teacurry has no artificial preservatives
Teacurry has no artificial colors
Teacurry is gluten free
Teacurry is completely vegan


For over 27 years and three generations, the Sawaldawala family has been passionate about one thing - Wellness - starting in a small passageway when Santosh Sawaldawala created his first tea blend until today. Teacurry has been built with a passion for teas, aromas, wellness, and flavours curated by professional blenders and herbalists with extensive experience since 1994. In addition to venturing into Tea Cafes, Teacurry has made sure that its teas are known for their delicious taste and healthful benefits.

Teacurry gets its teas only from certified tea estates that share the same vision. Teacurry products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. They are not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a qualified and registered medical practitioner or a recommendation for any treatment plan. In case of a health problem, consult a medical practitioner of your choice. Please refer to "Terms of Use" and "Terms of Service" before buying Teacurry products. For any additional queries feel free to reach us at

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