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Well I haven't started yet

It is good

By continuing this I feel urge of have it offened


Its been 15 days only still having it.. i got my periods but not sure about ovulation yet. So will give the feedback surely later if it works for me in terms of conceive or infertility.. thank you but the taste is great... its aroma it amezing

Loved your products. ❤️ Very effective and with the best price ❤️

Nice tea

52 kg 2week after 5kg gain amazing tea wow good thanks teacurry

Best for your lungs

My lung health has greatly improved because of this premix. So easy to use and so tasty. I love it and found it really very helpful. Will keep you posted.

Wonderful Mix for your PCOS

This mix is so easy to take - just mix in water and you are ready to drink. It has helped me balance hormones, periods, unwanted hair and also weight - simply magical.

Very good for your Acne Issues

Suberp for your Acne Problem. All my problems are now gone.

So satisfying!!

Such a miraculous product!! I lost 3kg from 58 to 55 along with the mentioned diet and workouts. I feel so light after taking this at morning. My periods are yet to come.. I hope it does make my periods regular for upcoming months.


Amazing product!! Even after using medication by dermat I use to get acne now n then bt after using tis product it has completely stopped for me… must try!!

Best Mix to lose weight instantly

This weight loss premix is simple to prepare and is very effective. Lost more than 18 kilos in the last 5 months of its use. 100 percent natural and no side effects.

Anti Alcohol Tea for Drinking problem

Price is totally justified. So cheap and such an excellent product.

Thanks for sharing your experience. We are glad that we are able to impress you and are helping you with our Liver Cleanse Tea or Anti Alcohol Tea. Hope to be with you on your Wellness Journey for a long long time. Best, Team Teacurry

Anti Ageing Tea | Helps in Skin Glow, Hair Care & Premature Ageing


Super taste. started today hope for best 👍🏻

Highly Recommended!!

Highly recommended for all the women out there. This premix will change your life.

Very effective and very easy to make!!

The effect, taste and aroma are all good. I have always been a fan of premixes as they are so easy and quick to prepare.

PCOS PCOD Tea with Diet Chart | Helps in Hormones, Period & Weight

Love this energy tea

I love this tea. I never miss any of its cup. My day starts with this energy tea and ends with this.

Bliss for your Immunity

I haven't fallen sick for the last one year now - because of the tea. Me and my daughter drink this women immunity tea and have stayed fit and healthy. Must buy for all the ladies out there.

Blue Butterfly Tea - Helps in Skin Glow, Hair Growth, Eyesight, Mood Enhance


Best result tea curry thankyou so much
Always result are good and healthy