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15 Healthy Green Tea Recipes - Refreshing Green Tea Drinks

15 Healthy Green Tea Recipes - Refreshing Green Tea Drinks

Jul 11, 2020Mukti Masih

Find here 15 healthy green tea recipes - Iced Green Tea, Hot Spiced Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea Latte, Moroccan Mint Tea, Ginger Green Iced Tea, Peach Green Tea Lemonade, Lemon Basil Iced Green Tea, Coconut Lime Iced Tea, Iced Peach Ginger Tea, Blackberry Mint Iced Tea, Iced Orange Ginger Green Tea, Honey Ginseng Green Tea, Mango Green Tea Splash, Green Tea Chai Spiced Latte and Coconut Green Tea. The world has gifted us with a myriad of Green Tea types, and the best of them come from the east. There are types of Japanese Green Tea, ones from China,...

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Long Island Iced Tea - Recipe, Benefits and History

Long Island Iced Tea - Recipe, Benefits and History

Jul 10, 2020Mukti Masih

Long Island Iced Tea has many variations. It is a truly American cocktail that has a rich history, lots of variations, and has a habit of giving its drinkers bad hangovers! It is a delicious drink that is too hard to handle for most, irrespective of their sex! This post is all about the history, definition, variations, possible combination of the cocktail with a popular rum brand, and questions related to the drink. Read on to know more! What is Long Island Iced Tea? Long Island Iced tea or simply known as long island tea is an alcoholic drink that is made using a...

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