Tea Tasters

We hold ourselves to highest Standards

Hot tea can always comfort you but we as Tea Pundits believe that all teas should should also provide you with health benefits.

Leaves that Work

  • Highest Quality Leaves - From garden to cups, we make sure that all the benefits of the leaves stays intact. We only source organically farmed tea leaves from ethical tea gardens. Only a fraction of suppliers are able to meet our high standards.
  • Healthy delicious Blends - We don't make blends because they are trending on Social Media or because they sound good. We only make blends when we have enough scientific backing to support our health theories. Our blenders come with more than decades of experience and have immense knowledge of teas, which have been helping people for centuries.
  • Quality Control - Our tea leaves and blends go through rigorous testing before they make it to your teabags and teacups. We test each leave and herb by identity, strength and purity.
  • Healthy Blends - The team is always passionate about transferring the century-old wisdom in making those perfect health blends, which not only provide you taste but also health.

Teacurry store was the realization of dreams, passions, love and care.
That is the goal that drives us all each day


The Leaves.

The taste and health benefits of tea differ across gardens and regions. From where a plant comes from has a huge effect on its character, smell and taste. So we always look and work with only those suppliers who can either sustainably collect or cultivate leaves and herbs that meet the quality standards we need. This has taken us years of development and learning across vendors and suppliers. By fostering long-term relationships and paying a fair wage (through programs like Fair Trade and FairWild), we incentivize our farmers and collectors to create high quality products. Using Fair Trade and Fair Wild standards wherever possible also ensures the sustainability of both people and plant communities. This has also allowed us t be sure of the ideal essential oil content, the right amount of bitterness, and minimum levels of active compound in our leaves and herbs. But the result for each is the same: a tea that has power. This commitment to quality is one of the things that sets us apart from other tea brands.

The Blends.

Our Tea Pundits use only the wisdom of different cultures which has been helping people for centuries. For us, it’s very important to pass that ancient knowledge along all the blends we prepare. Our formulations are an important way we do this. Our teas are created according to various traditional systems of herbal medicine with complex rules. Each system has its own rationale for herb formulations, but there are similar general principles among all systems. The hierarchies include the Basic Remedy, in which one to five herbs address the condition, along with supporting herbs added to compliment the basic remedy or to reduce undesirable effects. A small amount of taste herbs, or corrigents, are used to make the tea taste good. Sweet orange peel and its essential oil are added for taste. Our herbal experts are some of the most highly trained and respected professionals in their field. We take great pride in creating blends to highlight quality, efficacy and purity.

The Process.

Our first job is to make sure that the leaves and herbs we’re using are what they claim to be. We call it identity testing. We look for specific characteristics of each batch of leaves and herbs that determine quality. We only want the pure herb in your tea bag, not some of the nastiest like wayward plant parts, leftover sand or dirt. We also look at water content to make sure the herb has been dried properly, and we check for microbes and heavy metals, and, if non-organic, pesticide residues. It takes a lot of testing to make sure that our high standards are met. Our in-house and suppliers’ labs conduct testing to be absolutely, completely sure that we are getting the systems-invigorating, body-balancing quality we need. We use a wide range of tests to make sure our herbs are strong enough. Cupping Taste, texture, and aroma are a very important but sometimes overlooked part of tea. Finally, the cupping team, led by our professional blend master, tastes and smells a brewed cup and evaluates its properties. 




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