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Talk to our certified and registered community of Dietitians and Nutritionists over phone or video call and get help with staying healthy, eating right, or for managing a health condition like diabetes, fertility, thyroid or high blood pressure. We are here to help you meet all your health goals.

Teacurry Herbals works with renowned dietitians in different specialties across the globe. Get help with diabetes, weight management, fertility support, PCOS health, prenatal nutrition, and many more. Also receive a personalized nutrition guide, a personalized meal plan and if necessary, supplement suggestions.

Teacurry Doctors

Our Certified & Renowned Nutritionists

 Dr. Namita Nadar

Dr. Namita Nadar

Nutritionist, Fortis Hopsital

Ph.D. Food Nutrition, 18 Yrs

Dr. Nehal Gajera

Dr. Nehal Gajera

Dietitian & Nutritionist

MBBS, BHMS, 17 Yrs

Dr. Meenakshi Anupam

Meenakshi Anupam

Dietician & Food Expert 

MBBS, Nutritionist, 12 Yrs

Dr. Amrita Bhargava

Dr. Amrita Bhargava

Dietician & Lifestyle Expert

BHSc. , PG Dietetics, 10 Yrs

Teacurry mission

We Have Plans for all your All Diet Needs.

Disease Management has been our 28+ years of experience. We have helped people with various lifestyle-related diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, PCOS, Thyroid, IBS, Hypertension, and other chronic disorders. We identify the root cause behind the health concern and help alleviate the disease and health condition. With our certified nutritionists we help create a customized diet plan with healthy food items while incorporating lifestyle and other wellness preferences. Programs for specific needs and Diet Programs customized to health goals like Post-pregnancy weight loss, Celiac disease, Lactose Intolerance, Sports Nutrition, Fertility Nutrition and many more - is our forte.

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For over 27 years and three generations, the Sawaldawala family has been passionate about one thing - Wellness - starting in a small passageway when Santosh Sawaldawala created his first tea blend until today. Teacurry has been built with a passion for teas, aromas, wellness, and flavours curated by professional blenders and herbalists with extensive experience since 1994. In addition to venturing into Tea Cafes, Teacurry has made sure that its teas are known for their delicious taste and healthful benefits.

Teacurry gets its teas only from certified tea estates that share the same vision. Teacurry products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. They are not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a qualified and registered medical practitioner or a recommendation for any treatment plan. In case of a health problem, consult a medical practitioner of your choice. Please refer to "Terms of Use" and "Terms of Service" before buying Teacurry products. For any additional queries feel free to reach us at

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