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Hibiscus herbal tea consists of the dried parts (mostly the calyces) of the hibiscus plant. It is deep red in color and has a sweet-tart flavor. The origin of Hibiscus can be traced back to North Africa and Southeast Asia regions and is now grown across the world mostly in tropical regions. With Hisbuscus you can prepare - (a) Red sorrel (b) Agua de Jamaica (c) Lo-Shen (d) Sudan tea (e) Sour tea (e) Karkade. Hibiscus herbal tea can help maintain blood pressure, regulate cholesterol, assist with weight loss, boost liver health, and prevent cancer. Find below a list of Hibiscus herbal tea blends, handpicked especially for you.

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Hibiscus Green Tea

Teacurry Hibiscus Green Tea is a delicious green tea blend consisting of pure...

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Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Enjoy our Hibiscus Herbal Tea consisting of premium quality dried hibiscus fl...

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