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About Us

By canvassing the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves, Teacurry designates its Farmers as Tea Craftsmen, our sales representatives as Tea Pundits, our customers as Tea Connoisseurs and retail outlets as Taste Fulfillment Centers. It’s the world we have grown up in and know from up close, the gardens of Darjeeling and Assam, the Himalayas looming as a backdrop. We are steeped in a legacy that’s centuries old. We value it and uphold this inheritance.


Our History

Founded in 1994, Teacurry formerly known as The Packaging Center sparked a Tea Revolution in the Indian subcontinent. We began by bringing the richest and most flavors teas closer to our Tea Lovers from across the world. By removing traders and distributors and by selecting the tea harvests our self and tasting each and every flush, we have been committed to bringing our passionate customers closer to what makes the perfect tea.