Most Selling Tea Brands in the World

Most Selling Tea Brands in the World

Tea is one of the most refreshing beverages in the world. Although the caffeine content in a cup of tea is lower than a cup of coffee, it still is the most preferred drink in both developed as well as developing nations. A cup of tea is made using the tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis – the scientific name of the tea plant. All known variations of tea are derived from the leaves and buds of this plant. Although there is little to no evidence that before the British colonizers set up their colonies in different parts of the world, tea was a household drink. One can only speculate that the drink or at least the tea leaves were in use in different parts of the world as it is native to countries like India, (South India, Assam, and West Bengal), Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. Other historical facts also point out the fact that the process of growing tea plants, selecting the leaves/buds, processing the leaves, and then brewing a cup of tea has its origins in China. In the end, it is safe to state that tea, is indeed an interesting beverage especially when one considers its history and its global footprint. The world has a lot of companies that manufacture and sell tea leaves or tea bags. So if you are a tea lover, you might be wondering which is the best tea producing company as of 2023 whose tea leaves and related products are popular in the globe. To satiate your thirst for information, here is a rundown about some of the top-selling tea brands in the world for the year 2023. 

1. Which Brand  Sells The Most Tea

Most Selling Tea Brands in the World
  • TeaCurry Tea. Teacurry is a premium Indian tea company. 
  • Twinings green tea. Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining, a resident of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, way back in the year 1706. 
  • Lipton tea. Lipton is a British tea brand. 
  • Yogi Tea. 
  • Bigelow Tea

    2. Which Brand is Best  for Tea

    • Tata Tea. They were founded in 1962 by the Tata group.
    • Brooke Bond Red Label.
    • Wagh Bakri Tea. 
    • Organic India Tea. 
    • Lipton.

      3. What is the No 1 tea in the world?

      Black tea, in general, is perhaps the most famous tea in the world, and as one of these, Darjeeling is the top Indian tea. It has a light, nutty flavor compared to the bold and robust taste of other black teas. Black tea is the most processed of the true teas, being harvested, withered, rolled, oxidized, and dried.

      4. List of Most Selling Tea Brands in the World

      Divided by cultures, united by the love for chai, India is the second-largest producer of tea. Tea is not just a drink but a part of daily rituals in most Indian homes. A day starts and ends with a warm cup of tea no matter if the weather is scorching hot or freezing cold. Several tea brands in India have also come up with varied flavours of chai making it a solution for headaches, stress and even for clear skin and gastric troubles. Did you know that there are more than 3 thousand varieties of tea in the world

      4.1 TeaCurry Tea

      Teacurry is a premium Indian tea company. It was previously known as The Packaging Center. It was established in 1994. Its parent company is Grey Mantra Solutions and its. It is one of those companies that have started nothing short of a tea revolution in India. The company began by popularizing the traditional variants of tea leaves available in India. They did that not only within the nation but also chose to familiarize the world with the tea variants India has to offer. They offer premium quality products at reasonable rates.

      Tea for Weigh, Google ImagesLicensed under CC BY 2.0

      4.2 Twinings green tea

      Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining, a resident of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, way back in the year 1706. He opened up his store at No. 216 Strand, London, in 1706. The shop is still operational today. The logo of the brand has remained unchanged since its registration in 1706 and became one of the oldest logo designs in the world.

        Twinings Tea, Google Image Licensed under CC BY 2.0

      4.3 Lipton tea

      Lipton is a British tea brand. It is owned by Unilever. The company was founded by Sir Thomas Lipton. Apart from selling green tea leaves and Darjeeling tea leaves, the brand also sells ready-to-drink beverages. In India, Lipton sells iced tea as well as green tea leaves and Darjeeling tea leaves. It is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited. The Darjeeling tea leaves sold by Lipton in India are sourced by the company from certified tea estates thus ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the best cup of tea, every time. (Lipton, HUL)

        4.4 Yogi Tea

        Yogi Tea is the brainchild of Harbhajan Singh Khalsa who founded the company in 1984. It was based in LA, US but later on, in the year 1992, it moved its HQ to Eugene, OR, USA. The brand has a strong foothold both in North America and Europe. It has its manufacturing facility located in Springfield, Oregon, and corporate offices located in Portland, Oregon. Its registered name is East West Tea Company LLC. It Europe, the company has its manufacturing facility located in Imola, Italy which has been operational since 2001 and operates using a local business bearing the name TeaPak. It also has a branch in Germany and is known as YOGI TEA GmbH. (Source - Wikipedia)

         Yogi Tea, yogitea ,Google ImageLicensed under CC BY 2.0

        4.5 Bigelow Tea

        Bigelow Tea Company (previously known as R.C. Bigelow), Inc. is an American tea company that is headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company is the brainchild of Ruth Campbell Bigelow and it was established in 1945. The company has more than 50 varieties of tea in its product range. It has plants located in They own the Charleston Tea Garden which is located in South Carolina. It is the only tea garden in the . (Source – Wikipedia)

        Bigelow Tea  Google Images, Licensed under CC BY 2.0

        The above list of best tea Brand in the world has been prepared based on extensive research by our team of experts at teacurry. Data that has been taken into consideration before ranking them include customer feedback, customer ratings, taste based surveys, price and variety of teas available.
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